What are Nightmare Realm’s Covid-19 policies?

Nightmare Realm believes in delivering a killer show for our audience, but that comes only second to the safety of our employees and our guests. Our haunt family and customers have placed their trust in us to deliver the experience they expect, while simultaneously ensuring that we are taking all the measures to ensure their safety. With this in mind, Nightmare Realm has chosen to follow the guidelines set forth by the Van Buren County Health Department and the State of Michigan when it comes to Covid-19 safety.

For the 2021 season, Nightmare Realm strongly encourages and recommends all guests to wear a mask while visiting Retribution. While masks are not mandatory in the haunt itself, please know that they will be required in our buses, and gift shop.

Nightmare Realm employees in high-risk settings will be wearing face coverings this season. (*many performers will be wearing their protective masks under their costume masks, or protective masks will be artistically incorporated into their look so you may not even see them).Among our other efforts to address the ongoing concerns of COVID-19: we’ve increased airflow in the haunt by opening all doors of our buildings during show times, we are offering timed and dated tickets (to better control the number of people on site at a given time), we will have sanitizing stations readily available, and our cleaning crew will be working hard before, during and after each show.

Thank you for your understanding, please be safe and have fun!

What are your hours?

We are open 7-11 pm every Friday and Saturday in October. The exception is Halloween weekend, when we are open Thursday - Sunday. See the calendar below.


Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes. Purchasing tickets online and in advance is highly recommended and the only way to guarantee entry upon your arrival at Nightmare Realm. Walk-up sales are subject to availability. If a timeslot is sold out online, it is also sold out at the Box Office.

Where do I need to be at the time listed on my ticket?

Your ticket tells you when to be at Paw Paw High School to board the bus to Nightmare Realm. Please do not arrive more than 15-20 minutes early.

What if I miss my time slot?

If you miss your timeslot and arrive late on the same night that your ticket was issued, we will do our very best to get you into the queue lines at the earliest possible time, but please know, those with a properly timed ticket will always get entry priority. Please arrive on time as we can not guarantee how long your wait will be should you arrive late. There are no refunds, so please choose your ticket wisely.

Does Nightmare Realm accept credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa and Mastercard.

Does Nightmare Realm accept cash?


I just bought my ticket online…do I still have to wait in line when I get to the Haunted House?

Timed Entry Tickets allow entry to the queue line for the Haunted House on a specific date during a specific timeframe. The queue line is part of the experience and includes actors/actresses and entertainment.

Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

No, the monsters will never touch you.

Are there any age restrictions?

Nightmare Realm is recommended for ages 13 years and older. Anyone younger than 16 years old NEEDS a guardian to enter. There are no special prices for minors and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunt. There are many emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue.

Is there a lot of smoke in the haunted house?

We do use fog machines at Nightmare Realm. Should you find the smoke too intense there are emergency exits throughout the attraction.

Are there strobe lights?

Yes, we do use strobe lights occasionally.

Once we’ve used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket?

No. A new ticket is required for each visit.

Can we be thrown out of the park for any reason?

Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We have a list of rules just like anyone else that must be adhered to for your own safety. Those in violation of these rules may be asked to modify their behavior or leave the property without a refund.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

NO! And they are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking and Vaping are only allowed in the parking lot. Smoking and Vaping are NOT allowed indoors or in the queue lines or midways.

Can we take flash photos of your haunted houses?

No photography of any sort is allowed in the haunts. Haunted houses are dark and people’s eyes (especially the actors/actresses) adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience but you’re hurting the actors’ eyes. Although no photography or videotaping is allowed inside (including nightshot), the monsters working outside will quite often pose for pictures.

What can’t we bring with us inside your haunted houses?

No pets! No weapons! No alcoholic beverages! No cameras! No smoking! No vaping! No laser pointers or flashlights! No food or beverages!

Do you sell beverages and souvenirs at your attractions?

Yes. We sell souvenirs and our midway features pizza from Erbelli's Pizzeria and cider and donuts from VerHage's Cider Mill & Bakery.

Can we win free tickets?

Follow Nightmare Realm Kalamazoo on Faceboook and Instagram for free ticket giveaways.

Any other questions please email us at NightmareRealmKalamazoo@gmail.com

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