The Nightmare Realm

Far back in time, a flash of light erupted which quickly faded into everlasting darkness...

A world parallel to ours exists. A place of unimaginable horrors based in a landscape that is constantly adapting and evolving. Within this harsh atmosphere there lives ancient beings. Creatures that have learned to harness the power of their ever-changing world and use it for their most basic need, survival.

Food in this world was a scarce resource to find, so the Aedifex and Sedibus searched without and within to find a means to feed. It was only by accident that one of the elders found a telepathic connection to another being, one that was meek and easy to influence. This beings reaction to the Aedifex was one of pure fear, and after the meeting the creature had felt something it had never before, fulfillment.

While practicing and honing its skill the Aedifex learned more about the beings it was using. They called themselves "humans" and they were most vulnerable when they had the least self control, within sleep. The Aedifax utilized its ability to adapt by altering its image and forcing the humans to perceive their true fears. In another world these experiences were deemed "Nightmares" but within the Realm it was called the Feeding.

As time went on the Aedifex became the creators, the architects that forged the ideas and
atmospheres during the Feedings. For the fear of the humans was one that was ever evolving, just
as the creatures of the Realm and their world. The Aedifex used these times to learn what they
would need to feed, how to create the perfect Event. The Sedibus were the ones who brought the
Events to life. They brought the spark of darkness that began the Feedings.

The Feedings went on for ages, until one day an Aedifex created a new kind of connection. A connection that was so strong, the creatures of the Realm were pulled into the new world. Now face to face with the beings they had fed off for so long it awoke something evil within the creatures. Their worlds were now connected and the Aedifex knew just how to this time. Pulling parts of their own world through the portal, they were able to change the environment of the humans, creating a real world nightmare state unlike anything ever seen. The humans fear was exquisite. Death, torture, and chaos. It became known as "The Feast."

The first Feast only existed for fleeting moments, but the creatures wanted more. Vowing to open the portal once again, the Aedifex continued to search for the perfect connection. Over time these Feasts were scattered, but a pattern began to form. The "Extinction Events," which humans called them, started to become more frequent and more deadly with every visit.

It was only a matter of time until the creatures found a way to sustain the portal and truly unleash
the terror on humanity they desired to feed.

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